Zero Packet Loss with Mellanox Ethernet

Using cut-through switching to minimize latency and maximize throughput.


Not all Switches are Created Equal

Demand equal treatment!

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In public and private clouds, one application should not accidently get preference or priority over another. Cloud tenants are often competitors and demand fair treatment. They cannot afford to randomly be put at a disadvantage.

Preferential treatment presents an unfair advantage for one client over another.


Performance Report by The Tolly Group

Want to keep all your data intact?

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Predictable, Zero-loss, Wire-speed Throughput Read this report on the importance of predictable performance and zero packet loss. Understand the fundamental differences between Mellanox Spectrum and Broadcom Tomahawk based switches. Learn some interesting facts about buffering, fairness in networking, and cut-through compromises.


Mellanox 100Gb/s Ethernet Without Compromises

Mellanox Ethernet switches don’t drop packets the way other switches do. Mellanox switches don’t have unpredictable performance “port zones” that other switches have.
Our advanced Ethernet switch ASICs are capable of forwarding packets at full line rate for even the smallest packet sizes with all ports transmitting data. And we can forward packets using cut-through switching to minimize latency and maximize throughput.
The result is database, big data, analytics, and cloud workloads that run more efficiently and reliably and can scale out no matter how big your business grows. In short we deliver Ethernet without Compromises.


Packet Loss is Simply Unacceptable.

Packet loss is worse now than ever!

Performance levels should improve over time. The design compromises made by Ethernet switch ASIC vendors have gotten worse, instead of better, which create application degradation and unexpected behaviors that results in increased latency and CPU consumption.